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MAGEN is the major Home Automation and  Security Alarm Systems company serving the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario,Canada.We service areas like Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, Etobicoke and Richmond Hill. We have over 30 years of experience serving these dynamic areas. Our customers highly value the reliability and speed of our service and the personal attention we give each and every one. Although we are growing rapidly, we still know all our customers by their first names!

To learn about our services and what we can do for you, click on any of the links on our menu or visit our Services page. Let the experts handle your security alarm systems and home automation needs. Contact Magen located in Toronto today.

Security Alarm Systems for Home, Schools, Office and Businesses

Security Alarm Systems are electronic devices that detect intrusions and attempted intrusions into a protected premise and alert the authorities. They may also activate a sound siren device. Magen Security Alarm Systems provide 24/7 security monitoring for our alarm systems. The high-end alarm devices that Magen Security Alarm Systems provides, installs and maintains include:

Door Access Control and Biometric Security Systemshome security alarm systems

Access Control locks and unlocks doors in response to an ID card, without any personal intervention. It provides the security you need while permitting authorized people to enter your premises with ease and allows you to check your visitors before granting entry. Access Control can also extend to your parking lot or other remote site. A log of all entries and exits is automatically created leaving an audit trail for security and review purposes. You can even get a log of the length of time doors remained open.

Biometrics constitute a more sophisticated type of Access Control. A body feature of your employee can replace the ID card. Fingerprints, handscans, iris patterns, facial features or spoken instructions can be almost instantly examined by scanners and compared to data in a database, to open a door or to assure that it remains locked. With Biometrics, your staff don't have to remember frequently revised PINS or passwords and don't need to carry an ID card, which might be lost. With Biometrics, authorized persons always have their permits on them. The equipment recognizes the person by the feature analyzed and stored in the database.
Learn more about Door Access Control and Biometric Security Systems...

Surveillance CCTV Security Cameras and DVR ( Digital Video Recorder )

Surveillance CCTV security cameras in your home, school, office and businesses markedly increase the level of vigilance over your property. Built in  motion detectors in the cameras can activate the video to  capture any suspicious activity as evidence, while turning on the lights to frighten off the intruders. You can view your property through any TV on the premises, on your smartphones, pc tablets or your laptops. Learn more about CCTV Security Cameras...

DVR System (Digital Video Recording) surveillance allows you to monitor your home, school, office and businesses from anywhere on any computer, smartphones or pc tablets. Magen Security Alarm DVR systems can digitally record up to 3 months of activity and allow you to retrieve archived video instantly. No more videotapes to change, to store and to search.  DVR provides superior quality and sharper pictures than tape recorders. With a DVR system you can set a higher resolution to give you the picture quality that you need.
Learn more about Digital Video Recording (DVR)...

Smarthome and Home Automation

An automated home works for you to make life more comfortable and convenient. You program it once and it never has to be told again that starting the VCR means that at the same time, the drapes should be closed, the lights dimmed and the temperature adjusted to your comfort level.
Learn more about Home Automation...

Automated Home Lighting Control

Programmable lighting controls allow automatic adjustment to conditions or needs, reducing energy consumption when rooms are empty and extending bulb life. Programmable controls also provide safety and security in the eventhome automation system of a fire or other disaster. Lights can automatically go on to illuminate passages to staircases and exits. Automate your home lighting and never enter a dark room again; let sensors turn on the lights as you approach and turn them off  when the room is empty. They will  automatically light the stairway to the basement as you approach. With a tap on the touch screen, set up lighting toaccent your drapes and to highlight the paintings on the wall.
Learn more about Automated Home Light Switches and Dimmers...

Automated Home Theatre and Surround Sound Systems

Magen Home Automation is an innovative leader in bringing high definition television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater. We implement devices such as Plasma TVs, Projector Screens, Blueray and DVD Players, satellite receivers, VCRs, amplifiers, speakers, receivers, surround sound, subwoofers, and CD/MP3 Music players to enhance the experience.
Learn more about Automated Home Theatre and Surround Sound Systems...

Programmable Thermostat Control Systems

Automatically control the temperature, humidity and air quality in all rooms of your home, office or boardrooms. Enjoy greater comfort, save on energy costs by cutting heating or cooling in areas that are unoccupied and breathe healthier, fresher air. The savings make economic sense for you and make your home environmentally friendly at the same time.
Learn more about Programmable Thermostat Control Systems...

Remote Control Motorized Window Drapes, Blinds or Shades

Motorized control of your drapes, blinds and other window coverings is convenient and it will impress your friends, but it isn't just a toy. Shutting the drapes, blinds or shades during the hours that your room gets a lot of sun, lowers temperatures in the house in the summer, reduces the costs of air conditioning and protects you from harmful UV rays. Furniture and rugs won’t fade; they will retain their colour and continue to look beautiful much longer if protected from the direct rays of the sun. In the winter, capturing the full sun can help to reduce heating costs. And letting in natural light, brightens up a dark room.The annoying rays that sometimes hit you full in the face at a meeting or when you are in conversation with friends can be prevented automatically or corrected unobtrusively by remote control. When working on the computer, the glare from the window can be cut by closing the shades, blinds or drapes without moving from your chair. And of course, closing the drapes, blinds or shades provides privacy when the lights go on in the room.
Learn more about Remote Control Motorized Window Drapes, Blinds or Shades...

Whole House Audio Systems

If you're an audio buff or a serious music lover, you probably have a music room where you immerse yourself in the listening experience. But what happens when you leave that room? And why be a hog? Let everyone enjoy the music that he or she likes best. You can bring music to every corner of your home by using one of the many flexible MAGEN Whole House Audio solutions. You, your spouse and each of the kids can chose music to their tastes. And if any of it ever gets too loud, you can turn it down, because you control the volume throughout the house.
Learn more about Whole House Audio Systems...

Telephone PBX Systems and Video/Voice Intercom for Home and Businessestelephone video intercom

At work, you probably have a multi-line, hybrid phone system. You can have this kind of smart telephone system to serve you at home, as well! If you have kids, for instance, their phone lines would ring only in their rooms without disturbing you. And if you have a home office, the multi-line telephone system is a must! In the evening, the business phone can ring anywhere in the house, only in your office, or not at all. The call can be automatically directed to your voice mail.
Learn more about Telephone PBX Systems and Video/Voice Intercom for Home and Businesses...

Home and Business Networking and Security

The most common use of Home Networking is the linking of two or more computers and their peripherals in your home or office. A network permits you to share a single printer or scanner between PCs, access the same files from different PCs and backup all computers with ease. With networking, all your PCs can share a single High Speed Internet connection. Any number of people in the house can be online with no interference between them. Or multi-player games can be played from different rooms and the players can even speak to each other. Without home networking, each computer must be equipped with its own modem, printer, scanner, internet account, telephone line and so on. Home network offers not only convenience, but saves the cost of hardware and software and reduces the number of costly phone lines and connections to internet providers. The value of these savings alone may cover the network installation costs or even exceed them.
Learn more about Home and Business Networking and Security...

security alarm and home automation system integrationSecurity Alarm and Home Automation Systems Integration

If you think that automatic control of each of the systems is a great convenience, you haven't seen anything yet! Imagine how great life becomes when you integrate it all!
  • Your daughter comes home, turns the alarm system off, a notice is automatically sent to your phone (wherever you are) to let you know that she's at home and simultaneously a picture of her walking in through the front door is sent to your sms, e-mail or fax.
  • A disabled person arrives home, presses the remote key from the car, switching off the alarm and turning on the lights in the house. The elevator lift descends to the ground floor and the door opens to receive the wheelchair.
  • When you leave your house, you press the remote in the car, the security system arms, any appliances or lights inadvertently left on in the house shut down, the climate control goes into "empty house" mode, the garage door closes. All with a single tap on your remote.
    Learn more about Security Alarm and Home Automation Systems Integration...

Home Automation extends out to many facets of your home.
Some of the things you can automate are:

  • All Video and Audio, Window, Blinds and Drapes, Thermostat, Telephone System, Security Alarm System, Fans, Tubs and Jacuzzi's, Doors, Water Fall Pumps, Pool Heating and Cooling, Sump Pumps, Landscape Lighting, Garage Doors, Gates, Security Camera's and DVR.

You can automate your home and control everything from one central control unit from or away from home. Do you travel and want to keep an eye on your home. Monitor your home through security cameras that transmit over the internet ! Check on everything and put your mind to rest while you're away. Adjust temperature, lighting and even your Jacuzzi temperature remotely.

Home Automation and Security Alarm Systems by MAGEN

Don't compromise the integrity of your home with poor quality products !
We supply dependable top of the line products ...

Call us at 416.658.5757 from 9:00AM til 6:00PM or
Visit us at 3235 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario to see our showroom

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