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Automated Lighting Control - Home Automation


automated lighting control

Programmable lighting controls allow automatic adjustment to conditions or needs, reducing energy consumption when rooms are empty and extending bulb life. Programmable controls also provide safety and security in the event of a fire or other disaster. Lights can automatically go on to illuminate passages to staircases and exits.

Lighting can be controlled by means of attractive keypads in varying colours and designs located throughout the house and patio as well as by means of portable touchscreens. Each keypad or touchscreen can control a single space or a number of areas. Controls, consisting of dimmers, photocells, and occupancy sensors may be programmed to set lighting automatically according to a specific time of day, relative to exterior lighting conditions or according to occupancy. And these may be different for weekdays, weekends or holidays, or for evenings when guests are invited or for parties. Light controls may also be connected to the security system to activate lights in case of an alarm. The controls are intuitive and simple to use. If desired, all lighting can be controlled from any keypad.

Controls may be located wherever required. Lighting controls may also be installed without wiring in areas in which it would be inconvenient to modify walls.

What do lighting controls consist of?

  • Dimmers to reduce wattage of lamps and increase their service life automated light switch
  • Photocells to turn lights on and off in response to natural light levels
  • Occupancy sensors to automatically turn lights on when a person enters a room and turn them off when the room is vacated
  • Keypads mounted on walls, desktops, bed tables or wherever required
  • Portable touchscreens

Lighting typically accounts for about 10% of the energy consumed in the home and there is much room for reducing consumption without affecting lighting quality. Major reductions in energy consumption can be gained by dimming, when a lesser amount of light is required or when the room is empty. Furthermore, since lights produce heat, unnecessary light creates a needless burden on your cooling system. According to the California Energy Commission, automatic lighting controls generate energy savings of 35% to 45% in residential buildings, without compromising the quality of the lighting. Some studies have found savings of up to 60%. Programmable lighting controls reduce costs and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Programmable controls are friendly to the environment.

Contact Magen

Magen Home Automation can help you design and install your automated lighting system. We can install in an existing home or in the new facility that you are planning now. Your controls will be completely hidden from view so as not to intrude on the wood paneling in your period style office or to detract from your sleek modern design. In your new facility we can provide a clean and elegant look with hidden controls or if you prefer to show them off, we can provide controls in colours that harmonize with your walls and drapes.  Magen installs Lutron, Crestron, GE, Lightolier.

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