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Digital Signage Presentation Displaydigital signage



Digital signs use electronic display panels such as Plasma, LCD and LED combined with other electronic devices to replace static signs. Graphics and textual information on the display change several times every minute. The duration of each message is just long enough for it to be read and understood by an average reader. A digital sign may operate alone or as part of a network consisting of a number of signs at a single location, or at different locations. Electronic displays are dynamic, easily adjusted to changing needs. The graphics and messages on the signs may be changed frequently - and automatically - according to the hour, the temperature, the football score or other conditions relevant to the business. A digital signage installation displays rapidly changing content, normally supplied by computer. Digital signs are very bright and often in many colours. They may include graphics and animation.

Digital Signage, who needs it?

Anybody who needs to inform the public or attract potential customers needs digital signs. Retail stores and providers of services to the public are the most obvious potential users, but the technology may be used to communicate with customers and employees in any organization, with travellers in transportation terminals, with students at the university, with visitors to a museum, with anyone, anywhere! The technology is also applicable as displays in the command centres of public utilities. It allows for the presentation of information in a more understandable way.

Why should you care about digital signage?

If you are in any business you should care 
If you offer any product for sale or services to the public you need digital signage. You need it to attract the customers and you need it to compete with other businesses.

Because digital signs are cost and time savers
No more printing and distribution of signs for every new campaign. And you can change your campaign as frequently as you need to, without any delay. With digital signage you can do more campaigns than you would with static signs and increase your profits.

Because outdoor digital signs bring in the customers
It's hard to ignore a digital sign. Attractive offers bring in the passing trade because they see that what you are offering is what they want, even before they enter your business.

Because indoor digital signs keep the customers inside
Once the customers are inside the store, direct them to the big items with indoor electronic displays. Customers who are already inside your store are predisposed to buy from you. Get them to buy items complementary to their primary purchase as well as other items that they may need. Give them the information to get them to buy more in your business rather than from your competitors. It's easier to sell to customers inside your business than to attract new ones from outside.

Because with digital signs you can keep your customer entertained 
Let them watch something entertaining while they wait their turn at the cash register or wait for a table. Or inform them by giving them live updates from the stock market or the ball game while they eat or wait their turn for the next bank teller. Providing interesting fare to people in a queue, reduces perceived waiting time and reduces lost sales. Make your business a desirable place to be. The longer the time inside your establishment, the more they spend.

Because with digital signage you can get the customer involved 
With touchscreens you can add an interactive component to your display. Get them interested and keep their attention. Make sure that they can find what they are looking for so they don't leave your establishment empty-handed in favour of your competitor.

Because with digital signage you can get timely information to your employees Educate your employees about new products and services on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Or keep them updated on reject rates or sales, or just tell them how their department is doing. Get the information out to them over your internal display system of digital signs. Use the information available in company files to keep your employees informed. Help make your employees more loyal and more involved

Because with indoor digital signage, you can get your suppliers to share the cost Suppliers are always looking for ways to promote their products. They will pay for the opportunity to advertise directly to customers already predisposed to spend money. With digital signage you can offer time to the supplier and you both gain.

Because digital signage allows you to change the content at all your locations without leaving the office
With networking, change your advertising messages quickly on displays throughout the city or the country. And the messages can be tailored to the specific characteristics of each site. With the internet and compressed file formats, you can send any message, anywhere, cheaply and easily. You can even run different campaigns simultaneously at different locations. If you work across time zones, you can even schedule the messages differently for each zone. It's also easy to make real time adjustments when necessary.

Magen is the integrator to consult before making your selection. We will help you identify the display that best meets your needs, that is most cost effective for you and most important, Magen will integrate it with your other systems.

Call us at 416.658.5757 from 9:00AM til 6:00PM, Monday to Friday. We are happy to assist your presentation needs.

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