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Serving Greater Toronto Area & Southern Ontario Canada
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Magen Security Alarm and Home Automation Systems

MAGEN SECURITY ALARM and HOME AUTOMATION is the major Security Alarm and Home Automation Systems company serving the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. Magen was among the first company to offer security alarm and monitoring services to businesses and homes in the Greater Toronto Area. We serve Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Brampton, Burlington and all locations in between. Founded in 1981, we have over 30 years of experience serving these dynamic areas. We are proud to note that our long history includes Magen named as one of the first company in Canada to be officially accredited by IBM as Home Director Systems Integrators.

Magen provides a fully customized and ULC approved service in all fields of security systems. We provide and install security alarms, security cameras for video surveillance, DVR digital video recording systems, door access control, article anti theft devices, video motion activated camera and DVR systems, as well as specialty high security systems for high risk sites. And we provide monitoring for possible intrusion attempts at your home or business. Magen keeps abreast of the most advance developments in electronics for security and is always at the cutting edge of advanced developments. Over the years in which we have been serving this dynamic market, we have grown constantly, always adding new services and products. 

Magen is approved by the major control firms. We handle Crestron, Control4, HAL2000, DSC, Honeywell, Napco, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and all the major equipment and control lines. Our firm is one of the most experienced home automation and security alarm designers and installers of electronic controls in Canada. 

Our customers highly value the reliability and speed of our service and the personal attention we give each and every client. Although we are growing rapidly, we still know our customers by their first names! 

Magen Security Alarm and Home Automation is a member of The Magen Group. The Magen Group, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, specializes in security alarm systems, boardroom systems for corporate offices, “aging at home” systems, home automation,  and electronic displays.

Magen Security Alarm and Home Automation Services Include:

For Security Alarm Systems

  • Security Alarm Systems Devices
    • Motion Detectors, Vibration Detectors, Shock Detectors, Photo beams, Pressure Detectors, Magnetic Door, Window Contacts, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Glass Breakage Detectors, Gas and Natural Gas Leak Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Low and High Temperature Detectors, Deep Freeze Temperature Detectors, High Water Level Detectors, Panic Buttons, Siren, Security Keypad, Touchscreen Control Panel and Sprinkler System Monitoring.
  • Security Door Access Control and Biometrics
  • Surveillance Security CCTV Cameras
  • DVR Digital Video Recording Systems
  • Motion Activated Security Camera and DVR Digital Video Recording Systems
  • ( POS ) Cash Register Monitoring
  • Retail Store Article Anti-Theft Surveillance Systems ( EAS )
  • School Security Alarm Systems
  • Anti-Terrorist Intrusion Detection Security Systems - High Risk Protection

For Home Automation Systems

  • Home Automation Systems Devices
    • Some of the things you can automate are : All video and audio, Window Blinds or Drapes, Thermostat, Light Switches and Dimmers, Telephone, Security Alarm, Fire Place, Fans, Tubs, Jacuzzi, Doors, Water Fall Pumps, Pool Heating and Cooling, Sump Pumps, Landscape Lighting, Garage Doors, Gates, Security Cameras and DVR.
  • Automated Home Lighting Control
  • Home Theatre Automation Systems
  • Programmable Whole House Audio Systems
  • Motorized Drapes or Blinds
  • Internet Programmable Thermostat
  • PBX Telephone Systems and Voicemail
  • Home Networking and Security
  • Home Automation Systems Integration

Call us at 416.658.5757 from 9:00AM til 6:00PM or
Visit us at 3235 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario to see our showroom

Learn more about Magen Security Alarm Systems and Home Automation Services

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