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Motorized Drapes, Window Blinds or Shades Covering Installation for your Home, Office and Boardrooms - MAGEN Home AutomationMotorized Drapes iPhone

Why you need to Motorized your Drapes, Window Blinds or Shades Coverings

Motorized control of your drapes, blinds and other window coverings is convenient and it will impress your friends, but it isn't just a toy. Shutting the drapes, blinds or shades during the hours that your room gets a lot of sun, lowers temperatures in the house in the summer, reduces the costs of air conditioning and protects you from harmful UV rays. Furniture and rugs won’t fade; they will retain their colour and continue to look beautiful much longer if protected from the direct rays of the sun. In the winter, capturing the full sun can help to reduce heating costs. And letting in natural light, brightens up a dark room.The annoying rays that sometimes hit you full in the face at a meeting or when you are in conversation with friends can be prevented automatically or corrected unobtrusively by remote control. When working on the computer, the glare from the window can be cut by closing the shades, blinds or drapes without moving from your chair. And of course, closing the drapes, blinds or shades provides privacy when the lights go on in the room. Motorized and automated drapes, blinds and window coverings are perfect for your home, office or boardroom!

iphone window shadingYou aren't around to open or close the drapes, blinds or window coverings during the daytime hours as the position of the sun changes. And anyway, it would be a bother to constantly make these adjustments. Automatic controls do the job whether you are there or not. For a disabled person, automatic controls may be the only option. And for those who are forgetful, automatic controls are especially helpful; it's very annoying to have to get out of bed to close the shutters, drapes, blinds or window coverings once you are comfortably tucked in.  

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Integrate Motorized Drapes, Window Blinds or Shades Coverings with your Home Automation systems

Integrate the drapes or blinds and the lighting in your home theatre with the visual equipment! The drapes will close automatically and the lights will lower when you start the show in your home theatre, creating the perfect viewing atmosphere. All this with a single tap on your touch screen.

Automatic controls can draw the drapes, close the shades or tilt the Venetian blinds when the lights go on in the evening or when the sun goes down. They can let in the light automatically in the morning at an hour that you set or according to the intensity of the sun. Set early hours for weekdays but for weekends set later hours to allow yourself more time to luxuriate in bed. Preset all your window covering scenarios and select each according to weekday, weekend, holiday away from home, or whatever.
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So why motorize your drapes, blinds, shades or window coverings?automated window drapes

  • Convenience of automatic operation with remote control, timers or sun activation
  • Ease of raising, lowering and tilting
  • Increased sun protection for carpets, furnishings and wall hangings
  • Energy savings result in lower heating and air conditioning costs
  • Integration of window covering controls with home theatre and other home automation

Once you install motorized window coverings, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. And you'll be the envy of your friends!

You can motorize and automate drapes, shades, blinds, shutters, awnings and any other type of window covering. You can use existing drapes or shades; no need to buy new ones! Even the heaviest window coverings can be motorized and automated. 
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Motorized Drapes Hardware and Controls

You can control each window individually or in groups by floor or by zone, eliminating the need to go from room to room, to close or open each window covering individually. Control can be by remote or by timer according to preset commands. Set the speed of opening and closing as you like. Stop at intermediate positions or even reverse the direction. Choose single or double track systems, split draw or left/right controls.

The operation of window hardware is quiet and unobtrusive; just a low purring sound. Automatic controls are easy on the window coverings, extending the life of the drapes or shades. The equipment is durable and requires no maintenance. The motor is installed behind the drapery so that it is unobtrusive. The equipment can be almost completely hidden from view.

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Motorized Drapes, Blinds, Shades or Window Coverings - Photo Gallery : (CLICK HERE)

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