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Automated Telephone Voicemail for your Home, Office and Businesses - MAGEN Home Automationautomated telephone voicemail

Why you need Automated Telephone Voicemail Systems

Get Voice Mail! It's convenient, professional sounding and good for your office or business. Voice Mail provides information to the caller, directs the caller to the appropriate department, routes between agents according to load, dispatches the message to a distant phone, accepts messages for handling later and lots of other things. You can retrieve the messages from any phone or have them directed to you, even when you are abroad.

Your customers expect to reach you when they call. They don’t want to hear endless ringing when you are away or a busy signal when you are speaking to another customer. An answering machine gives the impression of a small office or business, and you don’t want to convey that image, even if it’s true.  

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How Automated Telephone Voicemail workspanasonic pbx telephone

Magen Home Automation can do it all for you! Magen’s voice mail is centred on an automated attendant to instruct callers how to proceed. This permits the use of call handling features such as intercom paging and call screening, transferring callers to the appropriate person or transferring the call to the appropriate mailbox to leave a message. If required, call screening can be provided, requesting callers to announce themselves before the call is answered. The call may then be answered, or the caller may leave a message, or the call may be directed to a different person. Call Forwarding enables the system to direct unanswered calls to a list of phone numbers (internal or external) until the call is answered or until the calls are directed to a message box. You may place greetings on your Voice Mail which can be varied according to the hour of the day, the day of the week or for special occasions and holidays. A Report Generator can be included for reports on Voice Mail usage, for tracking security or for any other purpose. The report generator allows the Voice Mail Administrator to design a variety of reports according to specific needs or requests. Magen Home Automation uses peak hour to calculate the number of ports required when sizing a system. This is the hour of the day, when the volume of calls reaches its peak. In this way, your customers never suffer an annoyingly long wait.

Magen Home Automation can help you analyze your needs, choose the hardware and software, install, configure, define security touchscreen telephone systemsrules, program the system, design system reports and instruct your staff and administrator in the use and management of the Voice Mail system. Or if you need to upgrade your existing Voice Mail system by adding new capabilities and features or expand the number of ports, Magen Home Automation can design and program changes to your interactive information services applications.  

Magen Home Automation has the experience to help you. We have an ongoing program to train our professional staff in all the major systems and to keep them up to date with the newest developments in the field of communications.  

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Automated Telephone Voicemail can save you more!

Voice Mail helps you to keep your customers happy and to attract new business! Those busy signals and long holds drive customers into the arms of your competitors. And it saves you money! No more operator and no wasting of time listening to long explanations just to direct the call to the right person.

And best of all, Voice Mail costs less than you think.  

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Ask for a free estimate. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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