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Magna BSP Intrusion Detection Security SystemsMAGNA bsp intrusion detection


If you stock products or equipment that underworld professionals or terrorists want, you need the most reliable protection system available. Do your warehouses contain firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals and other high value or dangerous articles? Then you need a Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System to secure the perimeter of your site. BSP means BiScopic Protection. It consists of two vertically-aligned IR micro bolometer cameras linked by a unique software system.

Terrorists also target sites such as oil tank farms, power plants, water supply and sewage treatment plants, to create civil damage and magnify their impact. The RCMP may catch them before they carry out their plans, but it is wise to be safe and protect your site. Consult Magen Security Alarm System about intrusion detection

For High Risk Security needs, Magen Security Alarm System now offers the Magna BSP line of stereoscopic video motion surveillance, detection and warning systems. The Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System was originally designed to protect installations in Israel from terrorist attacks This system is now available from Magen Security Alarm System.

What does MAGNA BiScopic Intrusion Detection do?

The Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System starts by surveying and anti-terrorist protectionstudying the area it protects. It then establishes what are NORMALconditions for the area it is securing (bushes swaying in the wind, changes in light and shade, people or cars traversing the area, etc.). It is then prepared to detect any object or movement which is unusual in the secured area. In the event of detection, it sounds a warning to alert those responsible. When the Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System detects a suspicious object or movement it evaluates its location, distance, size, speed, elevation and azimuth, providing the security personnel with the information they need to apprehend the intruders or to take other suitable action.

The Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System works in all light and weather conditions. It is capable of detecting an intruder at a distance of 1.5 to 2 km even in fog, behind a smoke screen or in the dark.

The Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System was designed to meet very high standards of accuracy. In tests carried out for the Israel military, it's detection rate was greater than 99% while the false alarm rate was extremely low (less than 10% of the competing systems tested).

The Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System never gets bored or tired watching an unchanging scene and yet remains alert at all times. It provides continuous, uninterrupted surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Magna has the built-in redundancy that a high risk high security installation needs.
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How does MAGNA BiScopic Intrusion Detection System work?magna bsp

The Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System consists of posts equipped with two or four thermal IR and CCD cameras. Sensors are fixed (stare) or scan according to settings and circumstances.

Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System combines optic and thermal vision to survey its area. The cameras produce a stereoscopic 3-D picture. The system can identify a person, an animal or any other object - stationary or moving - even hundreds of metres away under any condition of visibility, day and night.

System alerts are triggered only upon detection by both sensors (optic and thermal). The system filters false targets generated by new static objects, monotonic movements (wind, etc.). Targets are validated according to their movement parameters in the area of interest defined by the user.

When the Magna BSP Intrusion Detection System detects a suspicious object or occurrence, it alerts an operator by a sound. He or she can then study the scene on the monitor from various angles in order to determine the appropriate action.

The Surveillance Cameras are managed by programmable software set to autonomously determine whether a detected object or occurrence constitutes a threat that requires the intervention of security personnel. Magna BSP software is set to filter out small occasional intrusions which are deemed not dangerous (such as birds flying through the sensor's field of view or stray animals).

The software permits security personnel to review recorded images while the cameras continue performing surveillance activity.
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Magna BSP Intrusion Detection ( Video Demonstrations )

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Magna BSP Intrusion Detection - Thales Walking Men

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Magna BSP Intrusion Detection : Thales dog ( Animal Differentiation )
Magna radar can discriminate between targets according to their parameters, such as size, range, velocity, etc. This ability enables us to discard harmless and unwanted targets, resulting in a significant reduction in the false alarm rate. Go Top..

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Palmahim : multi-target detection with natural movements on the background
Several targets are detected by CCD cameras on a noisy background: a sea environment with waves and foam, and bushes swaying in this windy environment. Go Top..

Why is MAGNA BSP Intrusion Detection the best solution for high risk security area?

  • Multiple cameras provide a better picture and greater accuracy than a single camera system. Furthermore, if one camera is damaged, the remaining camera continues to survey its area.
  • Magna's patented algorithm, NFAR (Negligible False Alarm Rate), makes accurate estimates even when targets are very small and far away
  • The combination of optic and thermal vision provides greater accuracy of detection under any condition of visibility, day and night.
  • Magna BSP Intrusion Detection combines a very high probability of detection (Pd) with a very low false alarm rate.
  • MAGNA BSP Intrusion Detection does not require the attention of an operator. Security personnel will be alerted by sound when a detection is made by the system.
  • Magna BSP Intrusion Detection is completely automatic
  • Magna BSP Intrusion Detection is a robust system built to military standards.
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Magna BSP has been tested under demanding conditions along the border of Israel and at sites vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Upon conclusion of the tests, MAGNA BSP was found to meet the most stringent demands of the Israeli military and security authorities.

After testing, Magna BSP was selected by the British firm Thales Communications to supply electro-optical passive area surveillance systems for the French Army perimeter defense program.

Japan has recently ordered a Magna BSP passive electro-optic radar system for perimeter security to protect its nuclear reactors.
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  • It doesn't miss targets
  • It doesn't cause false alarms
  • It never doses off

Magna BSP equipment, designed to protect Israeli installations from terrorist attacks, are now available from MAGEN SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS.

Contact Magen Security Alarm Systems to help analyze your security needs. We will design the system according to your requirements, install it and train your staff to monitor it to obtain the maximum benefit from it. And all the while,Magen Security Alarm Systems will be there to provide support and to maintain the system in high alert.

Magen Security Alarm Systems since 1981!

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