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DVR Digital Video Recording Systemsdigital video recording dvr 8ch systems



A DVR System (Digital Video Recording) surveillance allows you to monitor your business from anywhere on any computer. Magen Security Alarm DVR systems can digitally record up to 3 months of activity and allow you to retrieve archived video instantly. No more videotapes to change, to store and to search.  DVR provides superior quality and sharper pictures than tape recorders. With a DVR system dvr video iphoneyou can set a higher resolution to give you the picture quality that you need.
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DVR system can show off your business to potential clients

Once you have the DVR system in place and the images captured, you just might find other uses for them. Sure the main purpose is security, but you may just discover that some of the images will add interest to your website. Show off your business to potential clients by putting some of the DVR video images you capture on your website! Let them see the traffic in your store, the movement in your parking lot or how construction is progressing at your site.
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Modify your existing video recording system 

Magen Security Alarm Systems can modify your existing tape system so that switching to DVR doesn't have to involve a costly investment. This modification can save you money upstream, while providing you with a system that's easier to operate and with improved security and quality.
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DVR system can save your money and time

DVR systems store data on hard drives. This saves you the trouble and cost of frequent changes of video tapes, saves on storage space, simplifies accessing and makes it really easy to back up your data. And most important, searches are much easier and faster. That's where most of your time goes when checking out a suspicious activity. With hard drives, access is random. You enter the date and time, dvr video motion alertand any part of the security video can be accessed instantaneously. You can skip forward or backward with ease. When watching live secuity video, you can pause and replay even while the DVR continues recording.
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DVR Video Motion Activity Alert System

Magen Security Alarm can install your DVR system to operate uninterruptedly or to activate only when video motion activity occurs in the security camera's area of supervision. With DVR Video Motion Activation on, you save the trouble of searching through data that records only an empty room or yard and you conserve space on your hard disk for the data that's really important.

For direct viewing, a warning sound when DVR video motion is detected can alert an operator to inspect the monitor more closely. Magen Security Alarm System offers a DVR motion-tracking feature which enables a camera to identify a suspicious activity and to follow that object without manual intervention. Click here to read about our MAACS system! When a moving object appears anywhere within the security camera's field of vision, the security camera can track it. It can also automatically zoom in, in order to alert an operator. And of course, It will record all the activity it sees on your DVR.
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DVR system protect your indoor and outdoor home and businesses

pc dvr systemsMagen Security Alarm DVR systems can serve for both indoor and outdoor security protection. Obviously, you are already aware of your need for security protection against burglars who attempt illegal entry. That's where your outdoor security alarms and camera systems are set up. Your DVR system will help prevent them from getting in, or will provide the evidence on them if they do. But you also want protection against dishonest employees, especially at the Point of Sale (POS), that is, at your cash register. That's where goods and cash change hands and it's the easiest place to steal. Magen Security Alarm DVR systems for POS surveillance can reduce losses by deterrence and by rapidly identifying dishonest employees.
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DVR self detection of faults

Magen Security Alarm DVR systems also include self monitoring processes to detect faults in system alarm operation. If a fault is identified in the DVR system operation it will automatically reset the security alarm system so that you are always protected. After restart, the DVR system will return to the settings in effect prior to fault detection.
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Some of the features of Magen Security Alarm DVR Systems:

  • Cost Effectively Replaces VCR, VHS Tape, Multiplexer, Remote Access Unit, Camera Switcher, and POS Text Inserter
  • Remote Access
  • Internal Video Motion Alert Detection
  • External (Contact Closure) Inputs
  • CD copy video/data for event archival
  • Audio Recording Capability
  • No Scheduled Maintenance
  • Days, weeks, months, or more than a year of storage depending on hard drive capacity and recording rate.
  • Record continuously, by schedule, or use on demand recording triggers: Video motion, data, external input (contact closures).
  • Browse images locally or remotely
  • Colored or black & white security cameras
  • Uses standard VGA monitor & mouse
  • View and record simultaneously
  • View multiple security cameras simultaneously
  • Easily searchable video, audit trail, and direct point of sale database
  • All security video and data is date/time stamped
  • Pre-event and post-event recording
  • Alarm output via contact, email, pager, system reboot, or excessive data events
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Phone, RJ45 Network, and RS232 ports
  • Interfaces with numerous third party data sources such as Point-Of-Sale (POS) with Door Access Control Systems
  • Interfaces with reporting software applications
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Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) Visual Demonstration
how digital video recording dvr system works
How Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) System Works
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Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) Systems - Photo Gallery ( CLICK HERE )..

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