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DVR/POS Cash Register Security Camera Systemsdvr cash register pos


Canadian retailers lose some $8 million every day from combined customer and employee theft. That's the conclusion of the 2003 Canadian Retail Security Report. 40% of that sum is pocketed by dishonest employees. Respondents reported a dramatic rise in theft by organized theft rings., which account for over 17% of overall losses. And the trend appears to indicate an increase in losses due to shoplifting and dishonest employees.

An obvious focus of theft by dishonest employees is the Point of Sale (POS), that is, at your cash register. That's  where goods and cash change hands and it's the easiest place to steal. Dishonest employees may be stealing from your clients too, by short changing them. This is unfair to your clients and it ruins your reputation. So the loss to you may be even greater than the sums stolen. 

Magen Security Alarm Systems Integrated DVR / POS Cash Register Security Camera Systems can significantly reduce POS Cash Register fraud. With Magen Security Alarm Systems, the balance in your cash register will be the actual value of what you sold or the data they provide will allow you to finger the employee who is depriving you of your income. Magen Security Alarm System can help you minimize losses due to scams and rip-offs at your POS Cash Register. Our Integrated Digital Video Recording (DVR) / Point of Sale ( POS ) Cash Register Security Camera System will help protect your income.

cash register iphone video Point of Sale ( POS ) Cash Register Theft - How they do it?

  • Leaving the cash register drawer open without ringing up the sale
  • Scanning the tag of an item of lower value than the item sold
  • Voiding the cash register transaction after the customer has left
  • Ringing up No Sales to open the cash register and remove excess cash
  • Ringing up one item while placing a number of items in the bag
  • Recording false returns and refunds and paying out cash to friends or relatives
  • Short changing the client when making change

No doubt dishonest employees have developed other schemes as well.
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Benefits of Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) / Point of Sale ( POS ) Security Camera Systems Integrationpos dvr systems

With the integrated Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) / Point of Sale ( POS ) electronic security system a complete picture of cash register activity is captured. DVR / POS integration allows users to monitor and collect data on all cash registers in real time while simultaneously recording all activity for review at a later date. All transactions are superimposed onto the matching video of the cashier, customer, cash register/POS and products. The system permits identification and pinpointing of questionable activity.

With the Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) activated, the action can be viewed online from a remote site or reviewed at a later date. Live action can be viewed through the internet on any browser on the monitor of your computer. Data can be stored on CD, DVD or on hard disks. A unique feature is the ability to easily search for an event or group of events and view the synchronized security camera picture and POS cash register data on a PC screen. This search feature can be applied to a large number of variables such as date & time, receipt numbers, credit card numbers, cash register number, security camera number, transaction number, type of transaction, badge number, Point of Sale ( POS ) cash register device and others. It may also be used to conduct searches to investigate unusual activities, such as abnormally high numbers of refunds, No Sales, manual price overrides or voided transactions.

The DVR / POS Cash Register system may be set to monitor all cash register transactions or it may be automatically activated only to capture transactions that violate predefined rules or criteria. This method is known as "DVR / POS exception based". The DVR / POS exception based system is normally preferred because of the huge amounts of data which would otherwise be generated documenting innocent and honest activity. The DVR / POS exception based system can spot patterns in cases indicating questionable employee practices. This eliminates the need to continuously monitor, without diluting the ability to identify suspicious activity and to spot the offender. Each DVR / POS Cash Register can be programmed with a different set of rules and criteria for activation.
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Grow your Business with Digital Video Recording (DVR) / Point of Sale (POS) Cash Register Security Camera systems

pc pos dvr video The existence of the integrated DVR / POS Cash Register Security Camera system will normally suffice to deter a dishonest employee. In the event of questionable activity, the employee can be confronted with the evidence, which is easily retrieved. When carrying out an investigation, the DVR / POS Cash Register Security Camera system can save hours in travel alone to suspected sites. Users have also reported reduced credit card fraud, as dishonest customers decide that the risk at a site protected by integrated DVR / POS Cash Register is too high for them. The system also serves to protect employees who may be confronted with abusive customers, unjustified claims of incorrect change or criminal elements. Special DVR / POS Cash Register security alarms may be programmed to alert authorities to any dangers, thus improving employee security.
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DVR/POS Cash Register Security Camera System added value to your Business

While the DVR/POS Cash Register Security Camera System is designed primarily as a security device aimed at preventing or reducing losses, it also has the wonderful ability to provide the manager with data to improve the performance of the facility. DVR videos can be used to monitor customer service, to identify problem areas and to plan improved service. The videos combined with the matching transaction data, can be used in training of new staff and in improving the performance of existing staff. The DVR videos may also permit the review of liability claims. The data can also be used to analyze peak sale times, merchandise sold at different times of day and other vital information which may be used to plan improvements in business performance. Magen Security Alarm Systems integrated DVR/POS Cash Register Security Camera can help you make money, not just prevent theft! 
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Reasons why Business need DVR / POS Cash Register Security Camera Systems

  • Less employee fraud in your business
  • Less credit card fraud
  • Reduced losses at the cash register
  • Less time lost in investigations
  • Incontrovertible evidence when you need it
  • Better protection for your staff
  • Improved customer service
  • Better marketing data
  • Reliable data to help improve the way you do business
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