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Home Assisted Living for Seniors


How can seniors benefit from Magen Home Automation and Security Alarm Systems services?

crestron senior careHome Automation can serve seniors and help them to maintain their independence for many years. There is now a safe and emotionally satisfying alternative to assisted living homes.

As we age, comparatively simple actions become difficult to perform. We also become forgetful and unknowingly put ourselves in danger. We begin to feel insecure even in our own homes. The common solution of moving to a retirement home is difficult emotionally as well as a heavy financial burden. Home automation can often postpone the move by years, by resolving all these problems. Remaining in familiar surroundings leaves the senior much more content with his or her life than might be possible living under the watchful eyes of strangers.

With home automation, lights go on automatically before we enter the house relieving us of the frightening prospect of entering a dark home. If we are in the house, we can see whether anyone is lurking in the yard by switching on the TV and we can check whether the caller at the door is someone we trust. Window shades open or close automatically or by remote control and lights are turned off, so that we don't have to get out of bed, once comfortably tucked in. Any appliance can be controlled from the bed. Appliances that we may have left on inadvertently due to forgetfulness can be disconnected automatically when leaving the house or by making a phone call later. An electric sheet or blanket will turn off automatically a fixed time after getting into bed, preventing the person from possible burns. A multitude of other tasks can be performed by automation to make life more comfortable allowing people who might otherwise lose their independence, to continue living on their own.

With home automation a senior who falls can send a message to family or friends simply by pressing a button on a phone. Or a necklace chain with a panic button can be worn, so that if the fall is in the bathroom a message can be sent from there. It is also possible to monitor the state of the person, from a remote location, using monitoring devices relevant to the ailments from which the person suffers. These can provide peace of mind both to a senior and to his or her family.  

Seniors can benefit right now and get our special website 5% discount on all installations in the southern Ontario area. Just call the number below and mention

We offer a wide range of services to make the life of seniors living alone safer and more comfortable. Please call us and tell us your problem. We are committed to finding automated solutions to improve the quality of life of seniors.

The Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation offers assistance to homeowners and landlords to pay for minor home adaptations to extend the time low-income seniors can live in their own homes independently. Check out this link to see if you are eligible:

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