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Security CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recorder Systemssecurity cctv camera systems


NEW! Digital Video Recording System ( DVR )
Digital Video Recorder Camera System with Internet Online Viewing
( Live Streaming )

Magen's Always Alert Camera Systems (MAACS) 

Digital Point Of Sale ( POS ) Systems To Protect Your Cash Register  
Digital Video Recorder ( DVR ) / Point Of Sale ( POS ) integration allows you to monitor and collect data on all cash registers 

Security CCTV Cameras Increased vigilance

The installation of surveillance security cameras in your business and home will markedly increase the level of vigilance over your property. The sight of digital video recorder dvr systemsecurity cameras in clear view will deter thieves and shoplifters who will prefer to try a less risky target. You can view any part of your property - even a distant warehouse or parking lot - through any TV on the premises, a touch screen or even via the internet from a remote location. With surveillance security cameras you can check out suspicious activity without putting yourself at risk and prevent damage or serious loss. When the premises are empty, built in motion detectors in the security cameras can activate the video to capture the activity as evidence, while turning on the lights to frighten off the intruders.
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Security Cameras Video Movement Activity Alert - Early warning of intrusions

Security Cameras placed around your home, garden and patio will deter intruders and give you ample warning of an intrusion. Security Cameras around the house will be activated by any movement, and will set off a buzzer to alert the occupants of the house to trespassers on the dvr systemsproperty. At the same time, the activity in the yard can be viewed on any TV screen in the house. When the doorbell rings, a security camera at the door will project a picture of the caller onto your TV screen. For security reasons, a short clip on your VCR may be recorded automatically. When you are at the office during the day and concerned about your children alone at home, you can be alerted whenever there is unusual movement on your property.
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Security Cameras typical installation

A typical installation consists of high-speed, high-resolution, pan-tilt-zoom security cameras. Each security camera is set to move continuously following a fixed path. An occupant viewing suspicious activity can zoom in on an object when motion is detected. Security Cameras can switch automatically between colour mode during the day and light-sensitive monochrome at night to provide the most suitable viewing or videoing according to light conditions. Magen Security Alarm Systems offers a wide range of Security Camera Systems suited to the needs of your business or home and to the size of the building and the external area subject to surveillance.
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What does a security camera system include?

  • Computer-based security camera systems
  • Internet online viewing ( live streaming )
  • Video mulitplexers
  • Digital video recording ( DVR )
  • Video Motion detection
  • Colour, b/w & low light enhanced security cameras
  • High-speed pan and tilt domes security cameras
  • Local Area Network ( LAN ) video system
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Digital Video Recorder DVR 16 Channel
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Software demo by Magen Security Alarm Systems
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Nanny/Covert Security Cameras

Not sure that your baby-sitter is fully reliable? Do you need a higher DVR_Video_iPhonelevel of monitoring?

Magen Security Alarm Systems installs and services hidden, covert and nanny cams in addition to our line of fully visible cameras. We can install these 1" x 1" cameras in:

Automation Enabled Security Cameras

Magen Security Alarm Systems carries high quality Automation Enabled Security Cameras with the following features:

  • 1/4" Color CCD Displays.
  • High-resolution of more than 520 Horizontal TV lines
  • Max. 352X zoom function in the top group of its class
  • Built-in auto-focus zoom lens
  • Enhanced Night-Vision Capabilities
  • 3 Methods of intelligent backlight compensation
  • 32X Electronic Sensitivity Boost
  • Intelligent Motion Detector with automatic Zoom-On-Motion
  • 13 Electronic Shutter Speed modes
  • Easy On-Screen camera setup
  • Adjustable gamma correction and aperture settings
  • Display of assignable camera Identification and Titles of up to 16 characters
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Security CCTV Camera Systems - Photo Gallery (CLICK HERE)

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