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Automated System Integration for your Home, Office, Boardroom or Businessescrestron touchpanel group

If you think that automatic control of each of the systems is a great convenience, you haven't seen anything yet! Imagine how great life becomes when you integrate it all!

  • Your daughter comes home, turns the alarm system off, a notice is automatically sent to your pager (wherever you are) to let you know that she's at home and simultaneously a picture of her walking in through the front door is sent to your e-mail or fax.

  • A disabled person arrives home, presses the remote crestron iphone home automationkey from the car, switching off the alarm and turning on the lights in the house. The elevator lift descends to the ground floor and the door opens to receive the wheelchair.

  • Lights set at strategic points around the house, go on automatically whenever anyone approaches. The lights are a convenience to your visitors and a deterrent to undesirables. Cameras around the house pick up the movement, activate a buzzer alerting the occupants to trespassers, and the scene can be viewed on any TV screen in the house.

  • When the doorbell rings, the picture on your TV shows who's there, the volume goes down and your intercom allows you to talk from your seat. If it's a friend, open the door by remote. If it's a salesman, tell him you don't need any, without moving from your chair. For security reasons, a short clip on your VCR is recorded automatically.

  • Integrate any kind of audio visual system within a residential or commercial building to maximize your pleasure and to help you get the most out of your system. Have music in all rooms or in some of them. Send classical or oldies to Granny's room and rock to your teens.

  • Store your entire music library on your computer disk and fill your home with music. At a house party, send the same music to all rooms, the patio and the poolside. At other times, each area can tune into different music according to personal tastes. All from the same  music library stored on your hard disk.

  • Press the button on your remote to start the Home Theatre: The projection TV slips out of its ceiling enclosure, the motorized drapes close by themselves, the lights dim, the temperature and humidity comfort settings adjust and the screen lights up. Just lean back and enjoy the impression it makes on your friends.

  • Integrate the climate control system with the automatic motorized drape controls and with the lighting system to minimize energy consumption. The drapes and shades close automatically at dusk and the lights in the house go on. Or when the summer sun becomes strong, the blinds close automatically, reducing the demand on the air conditioner.

  • You flopped down in bed for a short rest after a hard day at the office, then woke to find that it's already night. You are pleased to discover that your Automated Home thoughtfully closed all the window drapes while you slept.

  • When you leave your house, you press the remote in the car, the security system arms, any appliances or lights inadvertently left on in the house shut down, the climate control goes into "empty house" mode, the garage door closes. All with a single tap on your remote.crestron touchpanel group

  • On the way to your cottage, you dial up the heating system and instruct it to turn up to 22 degrees Celsius. On your arrival, you enter a pleasantly warm cottage.

Magen Home Automation can integrate any two or more systems that you need to activate jointly or in tandem. Just tell us what you'd like and we'll do it for you.

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