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Whole House Audio - Home Automationcrestron audio control

If you're an audio buff or a serious music lover, you probably have a music room where you immerse yourself in the listening experience. But what happens when you leave that room? And why be a hog? Let everyone enjoy the music that he or she likes best. You can bring music to every corner of your home by using one of the many flexible MAGEN Whole House Audio solutions. You, your spouse and each of the kids can chose music to their tastes. And if any of it ever gets too loud, you can turn it down, because you control the volume throughout the house. 

Unlimited Whole House Sound Systems Options

Your options are virtually limitless. Whether your home audio needs are very simple, highly specialized or somewhere in between, MAGEN makes it easy to find a solution to please everyone in the house. And because MAGEN Whole House Sound Systems are so affordably priced, there is a multi-room audio solution for practically any budget.

Magen can set up your home for Whole House Audio and everyone can listen to the music of his or her choice.

Like most people, you probably have music everywhere. Multiple iPods throughout the house; hard drives, PCs or NAS drives with your digital music collections; stereos with your favorite local stations; and maybe even streaming music serkitchen audio controlvices like XM Sirius, Rhapsody or Pandora. MAGEN makes it easy to access all of your music sources from one, central interface - and even lets you create playlists mixing any of these sources. Using all those music sources you can stream music from any source to any room. Your Whole House Audio System can provide background music throughout the house, entertainment for gatherings and celebrations when you have guests, as well as quality sound for critical listening to music in your listening room. Let everyone hear music everywhere in and around your house, all controlled by the touch of a button. Magen's Whole House Audio Systems support audio distribution to as many as 32 separate rooms and zones. 

Not only you, but everyone can make selections for his or her zone without leaving the room. Different music in each room, on the deck or around the pool. And it can all be controlled at the touch of a button. You can set it at a consistent volume in each room or if you like, you can change volume from where you sit or you can change the music according to the way your party is going. You can control your audio from your remote or touch screen and even switch sources remotely. And of course, the volume or source can be controlled from each room. If you want to go for really high end, you can have total source control, allowing you to control everything from every room, including both audio and video.

Where is that music coming from?

An Audio system should serve its function but it should also be aesthetic or unobtrusive. It shouldn't negatively intrude upon the appearance of any room in which speakers are installed. A good Audio system will never be noticed because everyone will hear everything "naturally" and will see nothing that offends the eye. Nothing need be visible but wall-mounted keypads and speakers, colour coordinated to complement your decor. Magen's distributed Whole House Audio Systems are not only elegant but they also simplify operation of your audio system.crestron ipod dock station

Magen can install speakers in walls or ceiling, under eaves on your deck, even disguised as rocks in your garden. Around the house, we can install speakers in-wall or in-ceiling and leave them flush so that you have that clean and neat look that interior decorators love. All the preamplifiers, distribution amplifiers and the source equipment (tuner, DVD players, DVRs, CD players, iPods, satellite tuners, etc.), are housed in a cabinet, hidden from view. The equipment is shared among the different zones, so you don't have to duplicate purchases. After installation, Magen tests all elements and the entire system and tunes and balances the sound system. 

There are oodles of control options and sharing for each zone, so we may have to ask you a few questions to customize the system to your own lifestyle. We hope you don't mind. We want to be sure that you'll be completely satisfied and pleased with your system. 

We don't sell you an audio video system; At Magen we provide a total listening experience and a space to delight the eye.

Contact Magen

If you are considering installing an audio video system, contact Magen now. Let us review your plans and help you develop your ideas.

You don't have to undertake a major remodeling project, knock down walls or start building a new house to enjoy the benefits of multi-room music. MAGEN can simply connect home controllers, speaker points and amps to your existing bookshelf or in-wall speakers and you're in business. The system can easily access all of your music sources, giving you complete, intuitive control over your various music libraries.

Call Magen Home Automation today and our experts will be happy to provide for all your Whole House Audio System needs.

Whole House Audio - Photo Gallery ( CLICK HERE )

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